How Our Pain Relief Products Work

Because Simple, Safe & Effective Pain Relief Treatment Is Important

CANNAVERA™ Topical Pain Relief Products Feature The SILVIDIOL™ Liposome That Delivers

Nutrients Preferentially...


Natural Pain Relief From Inflammation In Skin Tissues, Joints & Muscles

Demonstrated Therapeutic Benefit For Symptoms Associated with Acute and Chronic Periods of Nociceptive Somatic Pain and Peripheral Neuropathic Pain

• Arthritis

• Fibromyalgia

• Bursitis, Tendonitis, Sciatica

• Neuropathies

• Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

• Back, neck and shoulder pain

• Sports impact injuries

• Muscle strains and sprains

• Insect bites and minor burns

• Repetitive motion injuries

• Surgical and injection site pain

     and much more....

What's The Secret Behind CANNAVERA Pain Relief Products?

CANNAVERA™ Pain Relief products are formulated with the proprietary Silvidiol™ Liposome designed to effectively permeate the skins surface and precisely deliver nano-encapsulated nutrients from Hemp, Emerald Aloe Vera and Arnica for targeted release within the epidermis. Natural emollients help active analgesic ingredients that quickly increase blood flow to muscles, joints and nerves near the skins surface. Each formula supports rapid and extended relief from symptoms associated with acute and chronic periods of nociceptive somatic (skin, tissue and muscle) pain and peripheral neuropathic (nerve) pain.

How is Liposomal Silvidiol™ Different From Other Topical Pain Relief Products?

How Do Silvidiol™ Nutrients Relieve Pain And Fight Inflammation?

Depending on the ingredients in the specific product, CANNAVERA can attack the cause of pain at the injury site, and/or block pain perception at the peripheral nerve level. CANNAVERA products contain multiple nutrients depending on the type of pain being treated. The nutrients work in synergy and target a variety of pain receptors found at the free nerve endings of the Aδ and C Nerve Fibers in the epidermis. Silvidiol nutrients also target inflammation in acute injury. CANNAVERA Natural Pain Relief Oil and/or Crème can be applied directly to the spinal segment of the involved dermatome – this works to inhibit/reduce pain signals from reaching the brain. Using the right combination of ingredients, we can help patients control their pain better and with less reliance on debilitating doses of narcotics.

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Highly recommend

It works had my doubt but it gives me relief. It takes my pain from a level 8 , to a level 2 (sometimes 3 depending on location) I get 4 to 5 hours (or more ) of less pain from age d injuries . I think its wonderful !

The Airless Cream

This product is wonderful for both myself and husband so happy I ordered this product and now after using it we can't live without!

Works great!

Have severe rotator cuff tendonitis. The spray relieves the pain. Works great!

Great Product

This product works well for my everyday aches and pains that come with age. Gives me the relief I need so I can enjoy my daily activities.


Love it. Need oil in pump bottle too. Massage therapists cannot use a roll on for multiple clients. Price remains prohibitive.

Thank you Mr. Ferguson for you comments. We appreciate you taking the time to offer us your opinion because it's how we learn to service our customers better. As our response to many similar comments about the roller ball, we are now offering the large oil (30ml) with a treatment pump to prevent the possibility of cross contamination when shared with others. It will be available later this month. The small (10ml) travel size oil will still come with a roller ball application. This should make your physical therapists and massage therapist very happy. Regarding the price- as we grow we expect to achieve increasing economies of scale which will allow us to pass saving directly back to our customers. Today our patent pending compound and delivery system requires manufacturing in FDA registered facilities and the quality and control of that process has its costs. Please consider that in a recent pricing survey (Aug 2019) we found ourselves with the largest variety of topical applications (5) and also moderately priced at 15% below the average market price for CERTIFIED non-medicated topical products formulated with cannabinoids. Sincerely, David Chadwick, CEO.