Topical Pain Relief Infused with Hemp Extract and Aloe Vera

CANNAVERA's® topical pain relief products are made with natural ingredients, providing highly effective pain relief whenever you need it.  CANNAVERA® is the best choice for topical pain relief. We want to help you cope with daily chronic pain that includes aches and stiffness. We maintain the highest standards when it comes to all of our products.

The Silvidiol® Difference:  Our patented Silvidiol® technology allows for increased penetration through the outer skin layer reaching nerve endings that communicate pain to the brain. The results are 460-700% more efficient delivery than other pain relief products available and with fewer applications required to achieve the same effective milligram strength.

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All our products are THC-free, non-psychoactive, and will not cause you to fail a THC drug test.

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THC Free | Fast Absorbing | Long-lasting | Non-Addictive | High-Quality Natural Ingredients | USA Grown Hemp

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Cannavera “relief “

I have used this for sometime
It is the best thing i have found for aches and pains
My friends that had cancer also used for relief
I wish i would have found years ago!!
It is a lord’s blessing for me

Roll on pain relief

Worked better than I expected it to.

CANNAVERA® Topical Pain Relief Liquid Spray

I had bought the suspension before but the oil is better when it comes to aliviating the pain n my joints. The oil is much better for tendons and nerves. They are both good products and I will definitely recommend them to my friends. Thank you.


A great source of nerve pain relief, thanks