Topical Skincare Cosmetics Infused with Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp) and Aloe Vera


CANNAVERA® gently and effectively improves the texture and tone of all skin types giving a healthy-looking glow with Silvidiol®, our proprietary Liposomal Hemp and Emerald Aloe Vera botanical complex. These ultra-hydrating and anti-inflammation botanical ingredients are oxygenated to produce a lightweight, silky facial creme that helps neutralize free radicals while nourishing your skin. CANNAVERA® supports the skins natural moisture barrier without irritating or clogging pores.
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Works great!

This pain relief spray is the best. This is our go to for all our aches and pains.

Amazing products for pain relief!

My wife’s ribs are constantly out and she is in pain a lot of the times this rub works great to eliminate the pain.

This spray has changed my life!

If you’re like me and enjoy being active but are constantly plagued by aches and pains, the Cannavera spray is for you. I am a PGA associate who is very active. I teach and play the game of golf as well as work out to keep in shape. I think we all strive to be in great shape, but unfortunately pains in our body can hinder our ability to do so. These pains can also limit our ability to be active and enjoy our everyday activities.
I was introduced to Cannavera spray, and since then my body hasn’t been the same. My stiff back is no longer an issue. I almost stopped playing the game I love because of the pain i received after playing a round of golf.
If you have passion for something, don’t let yourself get in the way. Use Cannavera to relieve the pain so you can be happy and achieve your goals!