What Can Hemp Oil Do for Your Tattoos?

For years now, hemp oil has been used in so many different materials, from medicines to textiles. It’s not a new thing, that hemp oil has some properties within it that some people deem to be entirely magical given that it’s extracted from hemp seeds.

The world has been misinformed for decades that hemp oil is evil—mainly because of the sensitive nature of cannabis. The discussions surrounding weed are mostly negative, because of the perceived effects that cannabis can have on the brain. Here’s the thing, though: hemp oil is not cannabis.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil contains more naturally occurring fatty acids than any other oil that is derived from plants. It’s extracted from the seeds of the cannabis sativa plant directly and it contains next to no THC, which is the psychoactive compound that many people reject when talking about in marijuana oils. Confusing the two is easy given that hemp oil and marijuana oil both come from the same plants, just different areas.

There is such a good ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 within hemp oil, and it’s exactly what the body needs to be healthy. Many countries now regulate the use of hemp oil and what should be called hemp oil, and there are a lot of stories out there about how hemp oil can help pain and inflammation for a variety of illnesses and issues.

Using Hemp Oil for Tattoos

The level of fatty acids in hemp oil means that it is a natural emollient, which is the Holy Grail of news to tattoo lovers who can’t use the prescribed soothing creams after a tattoo is placed in the skin. Its moisturizing qualities are protective and soothing on the newly tattooed skin, and it can promote rapid cell recovery. This means that it’s the perfect remedy for pain after a new tattoo is completed.

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience for a lot of people. The stress of waiting for the appointment is difficult and the anxiety that is felt when waiting is hard to cope with, too. The traditional way that people cope with this is a shot or a beer before heading into the room with the tattoo artist, but it’s not ideal! Hemp oil is a much better answer!

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Using hemp oil on your tattoo afterward can help to reduce the inflammation that takes place during the tattooing process. It can also interact with the receptors for pain in the brain, giving you an almost relieving effect. Your tattoo need not be painful anymore, now that you have a better solution.

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It works had my doubt but it gives me relief. It takes my pain from a level 8 , to a level 2 (sometimes 3 depending on location) I get 4 to 5 hours (or more ) of less pain from age d injuries . I think its wonderful !

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This product is wonderful for both myself and husband so happy I ordered this product and now after using it we can't live without!

Works great!

Have severe rotator cuff tendonitis. The spray relieves the pain. Works great!

Great Product

This product works well for my everyday aches and pains that come with age. Gives me the relief I need so I can enjoy my daily activities.


Love it. Need oil in pump bottle too. Massage therapists cannot use a roll on for multiple clients. Price remains prohibitive.

Thank you Mr. Ferguson for you comments. We appreciate you taking the time to offer us your opinion because it's how we learn to service our customers better. As our response to many similar comments about the roller ball, we are now offering the large oil (30ml) with a treatment pump to prevent the possibility of cross contamination when shared with others. It will be available later this month. The small (10ml) travel size oil will still come with a roller ball application. This should make your physical therapists and massage therapist very happy. Regarding the price- as we grow we expect to achieve increasing economies of scale which will allow us to pass saving directly back to our customers. Today our patent pending compound and delivery system requires manufacturing in FDA registered facilities and the quality and control of that process has its costs. Please consider that in a recent pricing survey (Aug 2019) we found ourselves with the largest variety of topical applications (5) and also moderately priced at 15% below the average market price for CERTIFIED non-medicated topical products formulated with cannabinoids. Sincerely, David Chadwick, CEO.