How Do Dermatome Paths Work with Hemp Oil Pain Relief Products?

The human body is more than just flesh and bone. It is made up of nerves, muscles, vessels, arteries, and veins and when you put all of this together, you get a fully functioning human. When it comes to the nerves, the human body is divided into multiple skin zones that are each affected by a group of nerves. These skin zones are called dermatomes and these segments of skin are supplied by a single spinal nerve. Every single spinal nerve - except for C1 - innervates a segment of skin, so each nerve is linked to a dermatome. Learning what is a dermatome and what its significance is can help you to understand your pain better.

How Does Hemp Oil for Pain Work?

A little spinal science

The spine is a beautiful thing, and there are four categories that break up the zones of the spine: cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral. Each of these zones houses a different number of nerves. The cervical area has eight, the thoracic has twelve, the lumbar has five and there are also five sacral nerves. These nerves are - as mentioned earlier - linked to a specific dermatome. These then send messages from an area of the skin on the body straight to the brain, so when any of these areas are in pain, your brain knows it.

The dermatome map

The dermatome map - or dermatome chart - shows the nerve patterns of the skin and they are particularly useful in locating pain so that medical professionals can start work on curing that pain. It’s all about tracing the pain in one area of the body back to the nerve that is affecting it. So, if you have pain in your little toes and the outer edges of your feet, dermatomes foot would link back to your S1, a nerve in the sacral area of the spine. Tracing this pain to the right nerve would allow you to determine the best pain relief.

The pain relief

If we continue with the example of pain in the little toes being traced back to S1, you could use this knowledge of your dermatome path to optimize use of hemp oil. Products like Cannavera Topical Pain Relief Oil can be applied to the S1 area, which can relax the nerve and stop it from sending pain signals to the outer feet and toes. Those who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, for example, would apply the hemp oil to the cervical dermatomes at the top of the spine products in these spots to get the best relief.

Pain relief can often be hit and miss with conventional methods, as you’re not treating the area directly in the same way that you can with hemp oil. By massaging oil into the right dermatome, you can find effective relief quickly and start to move forward back to normality.

Explore Your Options with Cannavera

At Lencura, we continue to research and learn new ways to improve Cannavera products and help you manage your pain. Using hemp oil for pain is one of the things we are constantly learning about. Visit our website how we could help you today.  

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