LENCURA™ is a dermaceutical pain relief and skin care brand that uses the best and latest in technology to enhance the effectiveness of nature’s active ingredients. CANNAVERA™ topical medications are the first and only non-prescription liposomal liquid, oil, creme and ointment that combine FDA-approved active ingredients with the proprietary Silvidiol™ Liposome containing Hemp and Emerald Aloe Vera. It is designed to effectively permeate the skin's surface and precisely deliver key nutrients for targeted release within the epidermis that inhibits pain signaling and reduces inflammation.


What got me so excited and motivated to keep my daily routine of applying the CANNAVERA Spider Vein Relief Ointment was that I saw immediate results. As I massaged the area on my leg for one to three minutes, I could see the spider veins begin to disappear, only momentarily initially, but it made me realize there was hope. After one month its more than 90%  gone. See for yourself.

Before my Father (86) started using your product, he had difficulty being on his feet without severe pain. Now the relief is so great he can move his toes and walk without pain. He is talking about playing golf again. This is astonishing. It would not have been possible without your product. Thanks Lencura!

R. Albert

With all the aches and pains associated with being an avid golfer, I have found that CANNAVERA Topical Pain Relief works the best. Relief of pain is quick and the fact this product is non greasy makes it comfortable and convenient to use at anytime during a round of golf. I now keep a tube of the cream and oil in my golf bag at all times and would  recommend to any sports enthusiasts with pain to put this product to use. 

Lance F.

At 69 years of age I’d never been stung by a bee…but I was letting the dogs out about 8:00 p.m. barefooted and stepped on a bee. It felt like electricity going through my foot and up my leg. Our son, who was a paramedic/lifeguard was here and scraped the stinger out and suggested we try some of the new Cannavera ointment. Instantly, not in a minute…not in a few seconds…but instantly all the pain was gone and when I woke up the next morning there was barely a dot. No redness, swelling or anything! 

Sina D.